Title of the Tutorial: Survivability Techniques in Optical Network

Tutorial Organizers:
1. Dr.K.V.S.S.S.S.Sairam,
Professor, E&C Department,
NMAM Institute of Technology,Nitte
Karnataka, India
2. Mr. Chandra Singh ,
Dept of ECE,
NMAM Institute of Technology,Nitte
Karnataka, India
Introduction of the Tutorial:

With the continuous advancement in technology data communication at higher data rates have become the need for the present and future technology. The data can be highly sensitive and loss of such data can hamper the communication which can cause huge loss to data, time and revenue. Thus survivability plays a very crucial role in optical networks. It is the ability of the optical network to overcome failure by pre-reservation of resources or by finding available resources after link failure has occurred Since optical network survivability is narrow area were till there lot of research wrt to survivability to take place. In this area there are very few expertise are available. We will explain the concept of survivability with photonics networks with simple examples so that everyone try to understand and implements the same. It is having lot of scope in upcoming broadway Technologies.

Network Topology Architecture Analysis Design and Implementation of Physical-Logical layer Connectivity Approach Examples Problems with solutions. Traffic Connectivity with QoS

  • Traffic Restoration with QoS
  • Traffic Path Mechanism with QoS
  • Traffic Integration with QoS Channel Effective Reuse with QoS

Detailed Information

While the work focused on optical networks, the methods developed are not network specific and can be applied to many types of networks employing a variety of transmission and switching technologies They are:

  • Develop models of optical-broadband access networks and trunk networks based on projected traffic growth.
  • Evaluate the impact of emerging technologies on network architecture design
  • Develop routing algorithms for optical layered networks
  • Photonic Communications Systems and Networks.
  • Investigates protection/restoration coordination schemes in the optical layer, i.e. physical layer topology.
  • All-Optical Communication Systems.
  • Investigate the potential for packet switching procedures and burst switching in optical networks, i.e. Logical Layer Topology. The Performance and Evaluation of Optical networks take into consideration the factors like trade-off between routing traffic at the optical layer, creating dedicated light paths in order to maximize the traffic carried and the availability of spare capacity

Contact Information
1) Dr.K.V.S.S.S.S.Sairam,
Email: drsairam@nitte.edu.in
Mobile: +91- 9731809851
2) Mr. Chandra Singh
E-mail: chandrasingh146@gmail.com


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